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How Gamefly Works

My GameFly Story. A tale of savings and awesomeness.

When the Xbox One came out, I was one of the lucky ones to score a console the day of launch. Of course I got a couple games and two extra controllers to do battle with my friends and family. Before I knew it I was was out over $700!

So, I played my two games and wanted to move on to the latest and greatest. But after separating myself from more than $700, I wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of paying $60 for each new title I wanted to play. What I really needed was a service kind of like Netflix, but for video games. I needed video game rentals by mail. Enter Gamefly. They are basically like Netflix, but for video games. How cool is that?!

Let's face it. There are a lot of great games with no replay value.

There are a lot of great games out there. Some of them, however, just don't have that much replay value. You play them once enjoy the heck out of them, and then they just collect dust! GameFly is the perfect solution for this. When you're done with the game, just send it back. Or if you love it and want to keep it, you can buy it from GameFly, usually at a nice discount.

GameFly is super affordable. Less than your daily coffee.

For less than your daily cup of coffee, your daily tolls, your daily soda or bottled water, your daily whatever... GameFly lets you rent one game at a time for around 50 cents a day, and two games for around 75 cents a day.

If you can make it through just one game a week, that's $3,120 each year in video games for only pennies a day.

Want to take a break from gaming? No problem! With Gamefly you can rent Blu-rays and DVD movies too, and lots of 'em.

GameFly Savings vs Buying New

Games Played per year Normal Cost @ $60 per Game Gamefly Cost Gamefly Savings Gamefly Cost per Game
6 $360.00 $275.40 $84.60 $45.90
12 $720.00 $275.40 $444.60 $22.95
24 $1,440.00 $275.40 $1,164.60 $11.48
48 $2,880.00 $275.40 $2,604.60 $5.74
52 $3,120.00 $275.40 $2,844.60 $5.30

Even at a casual pace of one game per month, you are saving yourself an astonishing $444 plus tax. And at the lethargic pace of one game every two months, you will save $85 plus tax. And for you hardcore gamers the economics are absolutely undeniable.

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Two Affordable Pricing Plans

One Game at a Time

$ 15 95 / month
  • 30 Day Free Trial
    Savings of $15.95
  • 52 cents a day after the trial period
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Rental
  • 1 Month Hulu Plus Free

Two Games at a Time

$ 22 95 / month
  • First two months for $20 total
    Savings of $25.90
  • 75 cents a day after the first two months
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Rental
  • 1 Month Hulu Plus Free

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Other Great Gamefly Features

Gamefly is more than just video game rentals by mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my membership work?

As a GameFly member, you can rent as many games as you want and play them as long as you want for one low monthly fee. Manage your own personal wish list of games, what we call your "GameQ." Check out 1 or 2 games at a time. When you're done, send a game back to us and the next pick in your GameQ will automatically be sent to you. There are never any due dates or late fees for members.

How does the free trial work?

If you haven't tried GameFly before, you can start your account with a free trial membership so you can see how our service works for you. You may simply cancel anytime during your free trial if you don't want to be charged. If you're enjoying GameFly, do nothing and after your free trial, your membership will automatically continue at the monthly membership rate for the plan you selected.

How much does GameFly cost?

For one flat monthly fee of $22.95 (plus any applicable tax), GameFly lets you rent 2 games at a time, with free shipping, no due dates, no late fees. Or, for $15.95 a month (plus any applicable tax), you can rent one game at a time. There are no additional charges.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can easily cancel your membership online or by phone. If you cancel, your account login and GameQ will be saved for one year. There are no cancellation or reactivation fees.

How good is the game selection?

We have the best selection of video games for PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PSP, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. Open 24 hours every day, our library of over 8,000 titles makes buying and renting hard-to-find classics and hot new releases as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. You can also find upcoming titles to add to your GameQ.

Where does GameFly ship from?

GameFly ships games from:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Austin, TX
  • Seattle, WA
  • Kansas City, MO

Stay tuned - more shipping centers are on the way!

Do I have to pay to mail back the rentals?

Pre-paid postage on all rentals is included with your membership. When you are finished with a game, simply put it in our pre-paid mailer and send it back to us. Once we receive your return, your next pick will automatically be sent to you.

Does GameFly sell new and used games?

We offer high-quality used and new video games for sale on disc at competitive prices. Our used games are 100% guaranteed, and come packaged with the original game case, manuals, and codes. You can also pre-order many new titles on disc in advance of their release dates.

We also offer downloadable PC and Mac titles for pre-order and purchase via the GameFly Client and our Web site. PC and Mac titles are available to install as soon as you purchase and download them.

Can I keep the games I rent?

Our "Keep" feature allows you to buy the games you rent if you like them. With this option, you can try games before you buy. Original game manuals and cases are included and shipped to you with no shipping or handling fees, as long as you are a renting member.

What are GameFly Rewards?

As gamers, we believe that when you play more, you should get more. The longer you're a GameFly member, the more Rewards you'll receive for great discounts on used game purchases. Become a member today and begin receiving your GameFly Rewards.

Can I use GameFly on my mobile device?

Both non-members and members can use the GameFly App, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Non-members can use the app to get up-to-date video game news and info, and create a profile to use social features in the app. Members can also use the app to manage their GameFly accounts on the go: Add titles to your GameQ, delete games from Q, re-order your Q on the go, and Buy or Keep games right from the app.

No iPhone/iPad, or Android device? No problem. Whether you just want to browse the latest games or update your GameQ, our mobile website does it all on the go using any mobile device. Go to gamefly.com on your mobile web browser to get started.

What else do I get with my membership?

  • Up-to-date video game news from Shacknews.com
  • Mobile Alerts to let you know when your games ship and are received
  • Tons of game-related content, reviews, and ratings, including user reviews from GameFly members

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